Фрагмент кадастрової карти Тернополя 1829/1862рр.

Tarnopol Center-South Cadastral Map 1829/1862

Partial cadastral map of the south-central residential and market area of Tarnopol (Тернопіль, Ternopil), surveyed in 1829 (with the center-north map) and reambulated in 1862. This is a black-and-white intermediate map used to prepare a final cadastral map for printing. No building or land numbers are present, but streets are named. Only one and a half sheets of this map are preserved in the archive, however this portion of town includes two churches and a synagogue, three cemeteries (one Jewish), two hospitals (one Jewish), a bakery, a market square with enlarged detail, a shore of the Tarnopol lake with its river outlet, as well as numerous gardens and farmlands.

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Кадастр Тернополя (1829)

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